Wednesday, April 18, 2018

March on Washington Road this Friday, April 20 UPDATED


From the Municipality:

Students from our community will be joining students from across the nation in a March for Change this Friday (19th year anniversary of Columbine). They will be congregating at Washington Elementary, marching on the sidewalks along Washington to Clearview Common. At Clearview I expect they will make some remarks and/or speeches.

Washington Road will NOT be closed and we do not anticipate any parking being utilized at this point. Following are some details:

-start time of 4:30pm at Washington Elementary
- students, parents and community members will be encouraged to walk to the area of Washington Elementary School and Clearview Commons Park.
- participants will utilize the sidewalks and are encouraged to follow all pedestrian safety regulations.
- Alfred Street (next to Clearview Commons) will be closed to vehicles between Washington Road and Parse Way beginning at 4:30pm and will remain closed until the conclusion of the event.
- Washington Road will remain open to vehicles throughout the event.
- MLPD Officers will be detailed to the areas of Clearview Commons and Washington Elementary School to ensure the safety of all participants, as well as ensure the uninterrupted flow of vehicle and non-participating pedestrian traffic in the area.
- if necessary due to safety concerns, Police Officers may close the single northbound lane of Washington Road closet to the curb in the areas of Clearview Commons and Washington Elementary School (this will create a safety buffer between the vehicles traveling northbound in the center lane and the event participants). Both southbound travel lanes will always remain open.
- event will conclude by 7:30pm

Update April 20, 2018 11:06 AM National student walkout on Columbine anniversary to be marked in Mt. Lebanon, Penn Hills

Job Posting: Director of Business - Mt. Lebanon School District

Job Posting: Director of Business - Mt. Lebanon School District
Under the direction of the Superintendent, the Director of Business is responsible for all aspects of the school district financial and business operations. The Director of Business works with all financial bodies and consultants such as external auditors, bankers, financial advisers, construction managers, architects and state officials in attending to the school district’s business needs. This position will also work with any Board committees or resident advisory committees as they relate to financial matters. The Director of Business will be the primary spokesperson for district financial matters.
Qualifications needed in order to apply:
A bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, finance or a related field. Master’s degree preferred.
A minimum of five years business leadership experience in a school district.
Strong written and verbal communication skills required.
Demonstrated computer skills required.
Experience in labor negotiations required.
Registered status as Pennsylvania School Business Administrator (PRSBA) preferred
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensing desirable.
$96,000 - 130,000
The Mt. Lebanon School District is a nationally recognized and award-winning school district. The district operates seven elementary schools (grades k-5), two middle schools (grades 6-8) and a high school (grades 9-12). The combination of a highly trained staff with educated and committed families results in students who achieve local, state and national honors in instructional, athletic and arts forums.
For further information regarding the position, please visit,, Quick Links at the top of the page, Job Postings, and click on Administration. Please scroll to the bottom right corner of the page to view the Job Description and when ready, click the "Apply" button to start the application process.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Lebo Gives

Our commissioners may be raising the commission stipend to $5,000, while school board directors, who receive no compensation, will have to support the revamped Century of Excellence Campaign now known as Lebo Gives.

At the April 9, 2018 school board meeting, a presentation was made by Noelle Conover and Bill Moorhead* announcing the new fundraising campaign "reset."

Noelle gave some background as to why the capital campaign was started. Unfortunately, she is incorrect.

The original intent was to avoid issuing a second bond for the high school renovation. Mt. Lebanon School District to ramp up fundraising campaign.

The $6 million fundraising campaign originally was planned in 2012 to offset the second round of bonds issued for the project.

In that August 12, 2015 article, the Trib reported that the Mt. Lebanon School District fundraising campaign had received $1.1 million in pledges.  Compare that amount to the latest Capital Campaign Financial Report. (Saved in Google Docs)

As with every other project in Mt. Lebanon, we are told that this will raise property values.

I'm still waiting to see the value of my house increase because of the artificial turf on Cedar Blvd. Meanwhile, the school board directors will be approving the 2018-2019 Proposed Budget tonight.
2018-2019 Proposed Budget: RESOLVED, That the Board approves the 2018-2019 Proposed Budget in the amount of $98,958,314 setting the millage rate at 24.33 mills, a .40 mill increase in the form presented. The Board directs that the budget be placed on the District’s website until final approval with such changes as may be directed on May 21, 2018.
*Schoolboard President and Outreach SECOND REQUEST April 11, 2017

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Ray drops out of race UPDATED

I entered this race for Congress last year, because I believed that the democratic ideals we hold dear are important to a large number of people and that we have been badly represented by Keith Rothfus. I have spent the last few years of my life working to help elect democrats in our area, and have been particularly focused on helping to strengthen our party at the local level to build a strong infrastructure for future success. We have had many big wins in Northern Allegheny County, and it is critical that we continue to fight this war across southwestern PA in 2018, 2019 and 2020 so that we can turn PA - and the Country - blue again.
This congressional race has become a national flashpoint. The GOP is taking our country in the wrong direction, and voters are alarmed that Republicans in Congress have failed to restrain a president who is spinning out of control. We must elect qualified Democrats to office to push back before it gets any worse and before it is too late, and it is crucial that we fight with one voice in November to take back Congress. Therefore, I strongly believe that it is in all of our best interests right now for me to move my efforts and energies in a direction other than running for Congress in PA-17. Today, I am getting behind Conor Lamb for this seat.
One of the reasons I chose to run for Congress was that I wanted to give to something greater than myself. I have been fortunate to meet so many wonderful people going door-to-door in our area, and to be able to build relationships throughout our community. I am always amazed by how energized and dedicated our team of volunteers is, and how they are so passionate about getting people to come out and vote for our candidates. I am especially in awe of our young people who have stepped up over these last months. I will now focus my efforts again on helping to lead this fight over the next few years, and look forward to electing democrats up and down the ballot.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the faith you have shown me in this race. Our cause is just, but unattainable without your continued and focused efforts. I am humbled to witness these efforts every day. Deborah, Abby and I are tremendously grateful for all of your friendship and support. We look forward to fighting arm and arm with you for years to come.

Update April 16, 2017 9:36 PM Conor Lamb alone after Ray Linsenmayer drops out of Democratic race for 17th district

Thursday, April 12, 2018

I know that I shouldn't feed the trolls, but this is hilarious

The following was submitted as a comment on my post, Candidates Forum TODAY. It was a continuation of an earlier submission.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Candidates Forum TODAY":

I find it humorous that progressives like to say Lamb won because he "ran on progressive economic issues" and Republicans like to say that Lamb won because he ran as a Republican.

Proves that there is a center, and it's worth fighting for.

I also find it humorous that E.T. Gillen is so fond of deer, but has no problem voting for the Republican agenda, which isn't environmentally friendly at all.

I find "real Democrat" progessives, who haven't actually won a single important election, to be full of hot air.

E.T. Gillen voted for Trump.

She does not get to pretend to have any sort of moral high ground about anything.

There is no greater hypocrite in all of Mt Lebanon than E.T. Gillen, and the only people who take her blog seriously are a handful of people who clearly aren't the brighest crayons in the box.

Stick to harrassing and smearing school board members, E.T.Gillen.

Because Conor Lamb?

He's out of your league.

It actually makes sense you'd back Ray, the candidate completely unable to articulate a single position with a vision and specifics.

But governing in Congress, unlike maintaining a blog about deer and the school board, requires more than talking points and sound clips.

Posted by Anonymous to Lebo Citizens at April 11, 2018 at 11:50 PM 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

School Board Exposes The Cold-Hearted Municipality

I just finished watching the April 9, 2018 school board meeting. I was particularly interested in the Firing Range Discussion starting at the 1:19:35 time stamp. I am blown away with what I heard.

Larry Lebowitz asked how the municipality could not share the district's same concerns about proximity of the range to the Goddard School and houses. The Goddard School is within the 1,000 feet Gun Free School Zone, something that I have been questioning for several years now, with high-powered rifles being discharged to kill deer in Public Works and Robb Hollow. The "sharpshooting" sign was recently removed after I posted Public Space Kills Breakdown
Also, I want to point out that even though the "Sharpshooting" program is over, there is at least one sign remaining by The Goddard School, part of the Gun Free School Zone. They can kill there because preschoolers are not protected, under the law.
School Board Liaison to the Commission Al Frioni reported that Philip Weis issued an opinion to the municipality that The Goddard School does not meet the definition, under the statute, of a school. You see, the Gun Free School Zone Act only applies to K-12. School Director after School Director repeated, "They're little kids." Thank you, Larry. Thank you, Elaine. Thank you, Sarah. I have been saying this for years! Even Bill Cooper said that the gun culture is something that he abhors.

Larry, you nailed it! When you said, "How could we, in good conscience, considering what's going on in our world, and what we just heard a couple weeks ago at the symposium that Dr. Steinhauer and the Chief put on,... actually even consider moving forward with this." Amen, Larry.

I must say this. I hope the Democrats on the School Board keep this in mind when voting in the Primary next month. Ask yourself which candidate would agree with you.

One more thing. I just have to put this out there. Remember the statement that Larry made. "This is about supporting something which is contrary to what we have been trying to do, which is to support a safe community for our kids." That is why it kills me whenever Tim Steinhauer notifies parents that there is "sharpshooting" being done in undisclosed areas starting at 4:00 seven days a week and to stay on sidewalks.  Isn't that contrary to what you are trying to do?

Meet Ray Tomorrow!

Want to meet Ray Linsenmayer? Come to the Meet and Greet at Panera Bread at the Galleria tomorrow. Ray is the Democratic candidate running for Congress in the new 17th District, which includes Mt. Lebanon.. It will be held from 6:00 to 7:00 tomorrow, April 11, 2018.

Following the Meet and Greet, Ray will be attending the Mt. Lebanon Democratic Committee Meeting at 7:00 PM, in the Mt. Lebanon Municipal Building Commission Chambers. 

All are welcome!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Candidates Forum TODAY

Sorry for the short notice, but I just found out about this event, which is being held today, Orthodox Easter Sunday.

Join Progress 18 PA, 412 Resistance, and Mt. Lebanon Rise Up for an opportunity to meet Ray Linsenmayer and Conor Lamb, the Democratic candidates running in the May primary for the new 17th Congressional District of PA.

The monthly meeting of Mt. Lebanon Rise Up takes place prior to the forum, from 3-4 pm, and will feature a presentation by Moms Demand Action. During the forum, the candidates will talk about their campaigns as well as take questions from the audience. You are welcome to attend either or both.

Please RSVP here:

If you'd like to ask the candidates a question, please fill out this form:

All are welcome, but this event is closed to the media.

Please carpool or park on Sunnyhill Dr, Longuevue Dr, or Standish Blvd. Parking at the church is limited.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

"Ray for PA" Linsenmayer is on the right track UPDATED "Throw them out!"

Massachusetts' ban on assault weapons upheld by U.S. judge

Massachusetts’ beefed-up ban on assault weapons doesn’t violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution, a U.S. judge ruled, handing a victory to gun-control advocates seeking to pass such a law nationwide following a spate of deadly mass shootings.

“The AR-15 and its analogs, along with large capacity magazines, are simply not weapons within the original meaning of the individual constitutional rights to ‘bear arms,’” U.S. District Judge William Young wrote in a decision Thursday in Boston, dismissing a lawsuit over the state law.
Ray Linsenmayer is the only candidate who believes that people have the right to protect themselves from “weapons of war.” Conor Lamb merely wants to improve the background checks system.

A first look at Lamb, Linsenmayer as candidates in new 17th

Update April 7, 2018 1:23 PM There is a movement called Throw Them Out, an action plan to kick out lawmakers beholden to the gun lobby.
We’ve had enough. Thoughts and prayers are not enough to honor the victims of gun violence. What we need now is ACTION. Lawmakers have had enough time to come around to common sense, and we’re done waiting. We must now elect leaders who will finally act to save lives from gun violence. It’s time to throw them out.
A vote for Ray Linsenmayer means one less lawmaker to "throw out." I learned about this movement from Remember how our kids and families marched on March 24 where Conor Lamb had the nerve to attend? Remember how he wasn't there to speak to the media? Of course not. What would he say? "I will not support any action to ban assault weapons. Let's just do better background checks and keep the age at eighteen for buying weapons of war."

The front page big story from The Boston Globe:Federal judge upholds Mass. assault weapons ban
Young cited a landmark 2008 Supreme Court decision that found that “weapons that are most useful in military service — M-16 rifles and the like” are not protected under the Second Amendment and “may be banned.”

Friday, April 6, 2018

It's Baaack!

Another wonderful change with this new school board! The Audit and Finance Committee is back again! I just love this new board!

Hugh Beal, Chair
Al Frioni
Elaine Cappucci

The Audit & Finance Committee of the Board of School Directors will hold a meeting on Monday, April 23 2018, at 7:00 p.m. in Room D205, Mt. Lebanon School District.